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Terms and conditions Ltd. (Reg.Nr.40103901657, address: Graudu Street 68, Riga, LV-1058) provides to the

User Accommodation services without any extra charge. In these Terms and conditions are stipulated

mutual cooperation between the User, Intermediary and Seller. These terms and conditions are a

contractual basis for User purchases online through website, application, or other

platform. By booking, the User confirms that agree with these Terms and Conditions.


1. The terms used in the Terms and Conditions

Platform - Company`s and business partner’s websites, platforms, applications, tools, through which

the service is available.

User - registered or unregistered internet user.

Intermediary – Ltd., Reg.Nr.40103901657, address: Graudu Street 68, Riga, LV-1058,

e-mail address:, phone +37124422828

Seller - the person who offers for sale or sells services on Platform, or Intermediary, if an Intermediary

sells services on platforms on own behalf. Seller's name is indicated in the commercial offer.

Commercial offer - seller`s offered and on platforms advertised the opportunity to purchase the service.

Accommodation - the place where the Seller provides execution of a commercial offer.


2. Contractual relationship

Intermediary through their Platforms, offers to Users the possibility to reserve and purchase Seller

services. Seller services are provided by Seller. If the Seller does not ensure services which are showed

at the purchase confirmation, the User has the right to turn to the Intermediary, and delegate to

exercise the claims against the Seller by User.

3. Reservation process

User’s booking details are sent to Seller by Intermediary to ensure execution of the reservation. When

making reservation its mandatory to specify the person who will use the services of the Seller.

4. Payments

User can make the payment by using their debit or credit card. Therefore is mandatory to specify

a valid card when making the payment.

5. Contract and payment, delivery

The agreement of the use of the selected service and the reservation between the User and the

Seller enter into force by making the payment. The User has the right to claim the Intermediary

for Intermediary's and Seller's performances, however, the responsibility for the execution of

the service Seller assume alone. Total price for Seller services, shown on booking confirmation,

User pays to the Intermediary. Booking confirmation User receives, after booking is made, on

their electronic devices screen, with which reservation is made. Hereby the User agrees that

the confirmation of reservation can be sent to the User`s specified email address. If user has

created a private account at the Intermediary Platform, then bookings made by the User are

available in the section "My Reservations".

6. Changes and Cancellations

Conditions how booking can be changed are determined by each Seller separately. When making

a purchase, for each specific booking there are written rules how and is it possible to change this

booking. Booking changes can be made only on the Intermediary Platforms. If the User doesn`t

show up at Accommodation at the date agreed on booking confirmation, the amount for the paid

Commercial offer can`t be refund. After cancellation deadline payment for cancellation is 100% of a full reservation price.

If there is a possibility to change check-in date after the modification free-of-charge deadline, fee of 15% will be applied. But no later than 24 hours before check-in time and upon availability.

7. Data protection

By registering at and / or using Platforms for making bookings,

User agrees to carry out processing of personal data. Intermediary collects, processes, and uses

User data only if they are required for the purposes of providing its services, and for which the

User has given his consent. User data will only be transferred to third parties to the extent that

it is required in each situation for performing Intermediary services. By registering at

and / or using Platforms, User agrees to receive further promotional electronic

material from User may opt out of receiving electronic promotional material at any

time simply by emailing to customer service, or by using own account at Platforms.

8. Customer evaluations

After Commercial offer is used, User will receive an automatically generated email with an link, to

evaluate the Accommodation. User agrees that provided rating and comments will be published.

Intermediary reserves the right not to publish evaluations and to delete evaluations without

providing a reason. invites all Users to submit true and objective

Accommodation reviews.

9. Miscellaneous

The software and all at Intermediary Platforms-based information is Ltd.

property. For the use of information from the author and / or the owner's (incl. Seller) consent.

Without written permission from Ltd. no one has the right to copy, distribute

or use in a different way any information at Ltd. Platforms available.

10. Contact information Ltd., Reg.Nr.40103901657

Address: Graudu Street 68, Riga, LV-1058, Latvia

E-mail address:

Phone: +37124422828